"Derek Gray is one of my favourite new young drummers on the scene today. He plays a lot of styles really well, is very musical and is one heck of a nice guy. He also shares a great passion for learning AND teaching. Music is in his soul 100%. I'm proud to call him a friend."

- Mark Kelso, Humber College - Head of Drum / Percussion (www.groovydrums.com)


"I had the pleasure to work with Derek in several concerts and workshops; he is one of my favourite drummer/percussionists. He's very flexible and versatile in different genres of music - and he's full of so much potential and creativity. Beside the fact that Derek is an excellent musician, he is also an amazing person. I am so happy that I had the chance to know and work with Derek Gray and I give him my highest recommendation."

- Anton Apostolov, Guitarist / Clinician (www.antonapostolov.com

"Derek is an amazing, well studied, well rounded, incredibly enthusiastic and positive drumming force. He conducts himself in a professional manner, and involves himself in incredibly cool activities, like studying drumming in Africa, studying bata in Cuba, and making his own beer!" 

- Max Senitt, Drummer / Educator (www.maxsenitt.com)




"Derek is one of the most sensitive and supportive drummers you will find anywhere."

- Phill Albert, Bassist / Composer (www.phillalbert.com)



"A rising star on Canada's jazz scene, Derek brings inspiration and dedication to every note he plays. Check him out!"

- Eli Bennett, Saxophonist / Film Composer (www.elibennett.com)